hello (d)

You are right
To be disarmed from yourself is an unearthly feeling
The appendage you lost is me
But I wasn’t lost just unlinked
So you were free to explore and find out about the world without me holding you back from
becoming stronger

It’s me pushing you out of the nest
But being only a call away
While physically I can not mend your broken heart
I can give you comfort when you are grieving
But as you said
My arms can not hold you
That is why you are in company
Brethren are all around you
Just ask
Look into their eyes
And you will see the longing to seek what you both have lost when you became upon the earth

The earth was meant to be a playground
Where you could feel, touch and explore, without being sheltered from all the misery the galaxies possess
It is a proving ground, a place to prove to yourself , to stand on 2 said feet
For where you come from you have no need for feet
You are part spirit, air fills your lungs and your body rides on cushions of fluid
You have the solidarity of bedrock
You are earth in lifeform
The earth is life
You are life
You should be at peace here

It saddens me that your soul has not the freed the will, that you are still so attached that you haven’t given yourself the freedom of growth
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