I’m Singing with the Angels

I have more stars than shine
It is a glorious day of twinkling
The sky
The land
The in-between of heavens
And earth's core
I give my heart and soul
And receive so much more
I drink
I bathe
In the beauty
Of the daylight
And I bask in the night
The sounds of laughter
Pervade my air
I swim with all forms of matter
I dance
Diminish all aspics of character
I am free
I am one
With the universe
My body tingles
Goes numb with delight
Yet I am able to tremble
To put down this insight
The energy spinning
Around the globe
Atoms are disseminating
Faster than I can blink
My future is looming
As I float with the flow
Thousands of kisses
Carry my body
I travel without walking
I want to take your hand
Come join me
In this escaped
And venture into the unknown
Of wisdom and merriment
Words meanings explored
So many mouths removed
For descriptions are too numerous
Ears fallen
Eyes closed
For the energy
Is from within
Feel your body fuel burn
And the coolness remains
Come travel
With me
To past midnight
And we will hit the reset once more
God’s whispers
In the heavens
Golden Fleece
Not of lamb
Strewn across the streets
Choose your paradise
And to it we will retreat
Hit the reset
And choose another street
It will be days
In only a blink
Hit the reset button
On Downy Street

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