I am a being of my own creation 
Of enlightenment 
My being is light energy within from Love 
I am whole without being holy
For I am unique 
To myself without arrogance 
The parts of my being treat themselves with equality 
Sharing the life sources of the universes around me 
I am one within me and within 
I am equal parts creation and existence 
I exist to walk upon the mother earth 
My creation is to love mother Earth 
My soul is in harmony with the universe
My mind and Spirit are pathways that link
I was created and my existence is the pathway to keep mother Earth alive
By asking, praying for love the energy of all existence and creation 
To enter her outer boundaries and feed, nourish and care so that she may continue to live and create
Create without judgment 
And so she has taught me not to judge her actions 
Only to feel the pain when she does not have an abundant of love 
For love is what fuels her creations fruitfully to prosper her equality of being 
Thereby creating an earth where all can exist in harmony
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