if I loved you any more

if my love could save the world
How much of a strain would it be to lose myself within you
As we are consumed with the energy of creating ourselves into dark matter that's strains our inner membrane 
No make that my membrane 
For I see you as infinite without boundaries 
And I so want that to be true 
I want to be a vessel of goodness and healing 
But for what is goodness if everything is equal 
So be it that the mission is all about balancing 
Creating uniqueness with harmony and peace 
No solar flares
Though they will always exist as a sign of exhaustion and depletion 
They are the cues for us to come in and care 
I will pray for love to fill me to the extent that my boundaries separate 
And my heart can no longer contain what's within my mind 
I will give pieces of myself splintering in fashion in a manner I am totally unaware 
Till I crumble
Though you tell me I never will  you tell me love is infinite 
Energy of dark and light 
I just have to trust you believe in you enough to allow, to know that you will see me properly 
And sometimes the dark matter will become greater but it's only too diffuse the light 
For in space the heavens it is all there even in the darkness there is living  
And to keep mother Earth alive 
I need to invite the empty spaces the dark spaces of the heavens to enter through me 
So they may pass through the membrane of mother Earth 
So we can restore the balance to the harmony of how first Life Began here on earth 
My only object is to pray for love 
And you will do the rest
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