I’ve motioned

I've motioned to myself
to come here
from where i belong
to whom i want to be
in the circus of time
circulating pathways across the universe of infinity
i like being incongruent
i like being without discourse
i like not being able 
to find my way out of a box
but i most likely like finding my way home
and i call that confusion
because its then when i am most creative
tangible with my thoughts
and i allow me to talk to myself
out loud or in silence
i like having conversations with the many me of being
i like being alone with my selves
even if they are confrontational (well not as much)
but it does bring about laughter later when we reminisce
(no one's feelings are hurt since there are no faces or names attached)
it is ok to be anonymous in ones one head it's the named
 ones you have to be careful with 
now my selves are grinning
thinking you may be wondering if i need a good couch to lie down on
but rest assured in my head i own both the couch and the chair

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