stand bye

for diversity
the university of self
the self-creating
images of cells
of being human
my existence
primarily depends on
life or death
the mortality of being alive
or the death of my inner structures
and functions to daily momentary life
i am born in a diversified
differentiated manner
of being
incongruent to others
my brain mapping is not the same as yours
and neither is my fingerprint
but both leave marks to our identity
and for that i am grateful
for i see my hair color is different from yours
and so is my skin, the length of my fingernails and toes varies from yours too
i like how we can be as diverse as the stars
and still possess our collective oneness in the universe
i enjoy how we can discuss own uniqueness without blending into one another's being and without creating harm by not refusing to distinguish they are just as miraculous as any creation in the heavens

i truly enjoy how our brains are not wired the same
our neuron pathways are as different as the roads we have traveled
and those left to explore
i like that you may see and learn things differently
so i may share in the higher puzzle into neural processing

how i would like to see the entanglement of you minds processing
the many tapestries hung or woven for me to walk upon in a garden of 

tempted i may to eat from the fruit of your perspective, but i prefer to keep you whole and explore the lineage that makes unique, 
and use them to build new guidance for my own

i want to learn from you
not imitate your being
for we both deserve to be unique 

and most of all thank you for not being me
for mirrors can be shattered
and i wouldn't like to lose either of us that way

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