I am now

I am now complete
I find solitude in being alone
I find harmony in being in the company of others
I find joy in the expression of accomplishment
and sadness in defeat
I am weary with all the phases of being human
and I sleep in restful slumber
when it is time to replenish my soul
I am grateful for all that has been granted to me
in my awaken hours
for a day does not pass when I do not find glee or sorrow admist my company 
and forlorn is a long-lost friend
I am too willing to be part of the present
while honoring those of my past
I walk where once great soldiers' tread
upon feet wrapped within blistering undefeated souls of harmony
whose growth upon this earth are as great as the giant oak in my backyard
I am thankful for all the graces the sunlight and shadows have shed
I have wept and cried out for peace
but peace is nonexistence
for growth, harmony and kinship does not exist when all is silent
I will speak of love and sacrifices that all the living has made
and shed a light in the shadows of the many shades of gray
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