coming around full circle
going primary
to the days of my youth
my start
when all was so simple
in its complexities
and I was taught to enjoy the primary days
the primary colors of life
the simple bits from which all is made
and from there I could diversify
my being

I’m alone

I'm alone 
So alone 
As I drift off to sleep 
Black is the void I see 
No stars no halos to guide me 
Just darkness compelling me 
deep deep sleep

I am going home

I am going home of my own fruition 
I have come to the acceptance of myself 
And I am to encircle the globe 
Being one with universe 
Through all its layers 
And faucets 
I will see as though I have never witnessed 
All will be renewed and new to me once more 
I will find joy in rediscovering myself 
For before I was without eyes 
My senses had been diminished by fear 
Fear was holding me back 
And what I feared most was me 

The All of me

feeling a bit under the weather

feeling a bit under the weather 
 Because I swallowed something I swallowed my pride 
They say I'll get over it feel much better in a day or two 
The feeling I want to pass 
But the pill I want to keep inside 
I needed it there sitting in my gut 
To ensure it will swell when I get too full of myself 
Need that gut feeling to tell me to pull back 
To calm down 
And ask is this really you 

Step back before you have to say sorry 
I placed my anger for lack of self-control on you
there are too many faces in the mirror 
And the sometimes I do not know which one is reflecting back 

And I wish I can crawl into the mirror and make myself whole 
And turn around to see me complete 
Instead of swallowing the face in the mirror

I am joy

I am joyful that you have found me 
Horrified that you do not understand, comprehend what I have to offer 
we have come together so many times and yet you pretend not to know me 
I have always been the face in the mirror 
The one you look so closely at that you do not blink 
Why is it that you are so fearful when you can see me 
why do you pretend you cannot hear me
We touch each other on the surface and below 
I cry and you cry with me and you wonder why 

Why are you so afraid of the other you 
Why have you shunned the me like a child in the attic 
Why are you afraid to love yourself 
Why are you afraid to love 
Why are you afraid to trust 
Why are you afraid to admit you do not have the answer to those questions 
Some things you just do 
And it's time to be you 
Love the world so you can feel more than pain

just do

I stepped outside my mind 
And let the energy flow 
And to my surprise, dismay, and slight disappointment 
It said vacuum 
It even said what vacuum to use 
Because it was not just for the carpet but the floor 
And the voice said, you will mop 
And so I did 
For it told me it was time 
To open doors and invite love in

eat love, pray Love, make love

when I awoke this morning 
Pray Love and eat love 
Replicated in my head 
Upon consoling myself in that I  peel the mango and not the peach 
My lips and tongue held the fruit and the oats 
The mantra changed to 
Eat love, pray love, make love 
I consulted my heart and asked what that meant 
It was simply replenish, replace, plant 
And so I tore off the tops of the basil for those I would consume later
The cut stalks are in water 
Blessed so they may root 
And be planted 
Gifts to be renewed and shared with others 

I move

I move  to please thee 
I move to be pleased 
I move to be me 

I move for the Angels 
Who cannot feel what it is like to be mortal 
I move to feel thee within me  
For to be able to walk the earth is a blessing 
I move simply because I now can feel what it is like to be whole 
Thank you for the gift to be mortal 
For immortality although infinite lacks the luxury of touch 
Touch is the embediment of love

I will pray I will move

I will move 
My body 
So it will accept your love 
I will become more than a clay vessel 
I will earn the ability to carry your love 
I will move my body 
So that the joints are lubricated 
Supple and pliable are the membranes 
I will move my body 
So that it heals itself and others 
Through love 
I will move my body 
So that you may pass through me and on to others